• Ludovic Huraux

    Ludovic Huraux believes that meeting new people is the most inspiring action you can take in life. His mission is to convince others that networking regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle.


    Ludovic has been featured internationally by Forbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch, BBC News, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, BFM Business and more. He has appeared on stages around the globe including the famed Madison Square Garden, talking about the power of meeting new people and the future of work.

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    Conversations With People Smarter Than Me

    Join Ludovic as he sits down with renowned leaders and inspirational storytellers to learn what drives them. Discover the power of one coffee in changing your day!

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  • Official Member

    Forbes Business Council

    #30 in the 2018 Top 100 Powerlist

    Technikart Magazine

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  • Ludovic speaks on a panel at Madison Square Garden in front of 5,500 entrepreneurs